Emily CM Anderson


Works On Wood

This monograph for the artists Faile focused solely on their works on wood. The book documents how the medium sparked an artistic evolution for the duo, as they segued from street art and stencils to working with apple boxes, prayer wheels, pallet paintings, and installations. By featuring a variety of process images, the design reveals how wood—initially only a backdrop—became more central to the aesthetic and even construction of Faile’s artwork. The monograph is structured into categories that are not always chronological, but reveal important evolutionary steps. The design gives primacy to the visuals and large-scale artist plates. The first two-thirds of the book comprise several chapters cataloguing Faile’s artwork. Following this is a collection of essays, and the book then concludes with a showcase of installations. The structure shows how the insights that Faile had gained in other formats came together in their immersive installations.

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Publisher— Gestalten